Our Equipment

Numark DDS80


These professional digital MP3 players are above and beyond better than many of the laptop computers many DJ's use.  Issues such as crashes and freeze-ups are a thing of the past.  These accept thumb drives, CD's, DVD's and even music ipods/phones. 

JBL & Mackie Speakers


Professional grade speakers which produce clear crisp sound.  Don't worry about the amplifier blowing and shutting down the event.  These powered speakers each have seperate build in amplifiers so should one go down, the other will continue without fail!

Cordless Microphones


Our microphones are available in both handheld and lapel models.  While handheld is the normal option for most jobs, the lapel microphones can be used at ceremonies or for events where you wanna keep your hands free.



Our blacklights are the same high powered ones you see in the clubs and the glow effect they put onto reflective and white materials is amazing.  



Definitely not the cheap lights you find around holloween.  These strobes are the same type you will find at concerts and large night clubs.  



These lights are a must for slow dances.  Much like the old mirror balls did, they shower the room with mood setting white light but without the need for a seperate pieces.



This light has to be seen to trully appreciate. 3 effects are packed into this small but bright unit.  Very similar to the Swarm 5FX but unique enough to set it apart from the rest. Awesome light!

Swarm 5FX


While very similar to the American DJ Stinger, this light will fill your dance floor with lasers and muiti-clored beams that will keep your guests feeling like that are at a nightclub.  5 effects in one!

Stinger Gobo


This awesome light from American DJ creates an effect that is not like any other light that we have.  In addition to lasers and strobes, this light has a unique gog patern which fills any dance floor.


Color Options


Uplighting can be added to any event for a flat fee of $100.  

In addition to single colors, they can be set to automatically change at various times to other colors.  Uplighting can often add an elegant effect to your event that standard ceiling lighting can't.


Before Uplighting


After Uplighting