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Congratulations on your engagement! 

 Here at As-The-Disc-Goes-Round Productions, we understand that you want your special day to be just that, special!  That's why we offer the biggest and best wedding package around.

We offer one package at one price and do not "nickel and dime" you with extras such as high-tech lighting, props, MC'ing, and set-up/take down fees...everything is included!  Additionally, we are only DJ's, not photographers or videographers.  Our job is to provide quality entertainment and leave the photos and video to the experts of your choice (if you ask us though, we will gladly give you the names & numbers of some great local photographers & videographers that we highly recommend)

We have done well over 750 weddings and are recommended by over 40 different reception facilities, photographers, videographers, and party planners.  We have even done weddings for other "big name" DJ's; including radio personalities!  Whether your wedding reception is for 50 people at the local park or a 500 person gala at the convention center,  we promise to provide you with the same high quality service. 

All of our wedding packages include:

Are you planning on a non-church wedding and need music for your ceremony? 

Look no further that As-The-Disc-Goes Round Productions.  Our rates versus the rates of live musicians are much different with the later being much more expensive.  All of our ceremonies include:

* in some situations such as high winds, microphones may not be a option.

Lets compare our wedding package to others:

Option offered



Free, no hassle, estimates Yes Most
DJ(s) in formal attire (tuxedo) Yes Some
DJ's who will teach dances to your guests Yes Some
Back-up sound equipment on site Yes Some
A 6-piece ($ 4500) light show included with every reception package at no additional charge! Yes NO!
Music done by digital CD's/computer Yes Most
Wireless microphone for your use at any time Yes Some
Professional, commercial grade, sound/light equipment Yes some
DJ's who do not take breaks Yes Most
Free 40 piece props package your guests keep Yes No
Free meeting with your DJ Yes Most 
set-up and take down Yes Some
A 100% perfect record of satisfied customers Yes Not many
A fully insured and legal New York company Yes Some
Written contracts to protect you from "No-shows" Yes Some
Serves all of the Western NY and Finger Lakes area Yes Not many