Our Equipment

Sound Equipment:

We have recently upgraded our primary systems to the Numark DDS-80 digital system.  This upgrade will now prevent CD skipping issues and also allows us to search and locate music faster; not to mention having to stop toting around hundreds of CD's.  These systems operate like a giant MP3 player without the drawbacks of a laptop computer (crashes, fatal exceptions, ect.).  Many of our microphones have been replaced to the new digital style which allows us to go up to 250' from the DJ booth with virtually no voice dropping.  This also prevents feedbacks that are often associated with the older VHF and UHF frequencies.


As-the-Disc-Goes Round Productions offers the best dance floor lighting set-up in all of western New York!  Every year we upgrade a light or two to guarantee that we have the  best looking light show around. 50% of our lights are now LED which means they not only use a lot less energy (think green), but also wont blow any bulbs in the middle of your event.



Other Equipment:

Fog and bubble machines are available upon request.