What makes As-The-Disc-Goes-Round Productions different from 

   other mobile DJ services?

   Our people!  We no longer consider ourselves just a DJ company, we

are an entertainment company. Our DJ’s do more than sit behind a table and

play music,  they are professional crowd motivators.  They will interact with

your guests and will even help teach many of the popular dances like the

   Macarena, Cha-Cha Slide, and many others.  Every one of our DJ’s is

   friendly, personable, well dressed, and willing to go the extra mile to

   be sure you are satisfied. 


   Can I see you perform before I book with you?

   Absolutely! Many of our customers have done this in the past and it is 

   encouraged by many wedding guides/planners.  The only requirement 

   we have is we need to know in advance so we can get the "ok" from 

   the event organizer prior to your arrival.  


   Why aren't you in the phone book?

   Due to the large amount of events that we provide entertainment for, 

   most of our work comes through customer referrals (also known as 

   "word-of-mouth") .  This type of advertising costs us very little and we

   are able to pass these savings along to you in lower prices.  Fact is, 

   most DJ's prices are 15-25% higher because of high advertising costs.  


   What makes you a "professional" entertainment service?

   Unlike some DJ services, As-The-Disc-Goes Round Productions is a 

   legal business registered with Monroe County, New York State and 

   the US Government.  All of our music has been legally purchased and 

   not "stolen" or "borrowed" thru the internet.  ***also see the question 

   below: Does the type of equipment matter".


   What is “crowd motivating”?


   Crowd motivating involves the DJ’s getting your guests to actively take 

   part and enjoy the music and celebrations. Encouraging song requests, 

   teaching dances, and the use of novelties such as the YMCA hats and 

   maracas can often accomplish this task.



   Does the type of equipment matter? 

   Yes! Many mobile DJ’s use cheap equipment that is either poor sounding,

   prone to breakdowns or looks like they took it from their living room.  

   As-The-Disc-Goes Round Productions uses nothing but top-of-the-line,

   professional quality sound and light equipment from such makers as 

   Pioneer, Mackie, American DJ, Chuvet, and Sony.  Since we are constantly 

   purchasing new equipment, you will be guaranteed great sounding music

   and lights that will set the dance floor on fire. 



   Why do you use contracts?

   Contracts are legal agreements that help protect both you and the DJ.  

   Using them often eliminates problems with such issues as no-shows, 

   costs, date, location, and hours of play. Most quality DJ’s now use them 

   and their customers find them to be very reassuring.